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C O R P O R A T E     F O O D   &   B E V E R A G E   L E A D E R S H I P

Orion Balliet is a culinary and food service expert with over twenty five years of experience in the travel, leisure, and hospitality industry. He has been an Executive Chef and corporate level manager for some of the most prestigious hotels, restaurants, and cruise lines in the world. Orion has also been responsible for multi-outlet operations with collective food budgets in excess of $125 million and annual sales revenue topping $1.4 billion.

The key to Orion's success has always been his unyielding commitment to sustainable human resources. He has managed teams of over three thousand employees and believes that recruiting the right people, and investing in their development, must be the foundation of any successful organization. Orion has extensive experience with multi-national recruitment and creating innovative training programs that inspire the teams he leads to the pinnacle of their potential.

Orion is a 1994 graduate of the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and continues his education through constant research and attending global seminars at renowned venues such as the Culinary Institute of America. He is an avid reader, health food advocate, and humanitarian who believes the best investment you can make is in the people around you.